Kid’s DIY Playhouse Build Plans

Free build plans for a DIY kid’s wooden playhouse for indoor play…

There’s been a lot of requests for instructions or build plans for the kid’s playhouse after showing it on Instagram and TikTok. I finally have the playhouse build plans to share with you so you can do it yourself, too!

Free kid’s wooden playhouse building plans for indoor play

If you’re here for the free playhouse building plans, you probably saw the playhouse from a video trending online. We have a lot of fun with the house as a family and seeing it decorated in a kid-friendly way for each holiday. It’s a tradition to decorate it for us. However, these house plans are open-ended and can be used to turn the little playhouse into a kid’s workshop, pretend store, or stuffed animal vet clinic.

Notes to keep in mind when building the playhouse

There are a few things to keep in mind before building. First, this playhouse is meant for indoors. We chose to build with pine to keep costs lower, which isn’t the best choice for outdoor wood, and did not seal the wood to protect it from weather. The build plans are not geared towards outdoor play, but are easily adjusted. The back of the playhouse is open. We kept it open knowing that it would be up against a wall somewhere, and not free-floating. Having the back open makes it easy to bring large toys in and out.

Expected playhouse costs

The first time we built the playhouse, wood costs were high. We built the playhouse for a second time to gather measurements and total cost was $300-400. Wood is the bulk of the cost, then followed by paint and play accessories. Lumber is all common board, except 1″x2″, which is select pine. View the list of accessories on our playhouse here.

Necessary tools for build plans

In order to make the correct cuts and attachments, you will need:

  • Miter saw/ Miter box and hand saw
  • Nail gun and 1 1/4″ brad nails
  • Measuring tape
  • Framing square / Speed square
  • Jig saw (to cut out windows)
  • Drill and drill bit (to start cuts for jig saw)
  • 1 1/2″ finish/trim head screws (recommend GRK fasteners brand)
  • Lumber

Kid’s Playhouse Build Plan Blueprints

Below are the blueprints and measurements for the complete kid’s playhouse as seen above. The download will provide printable PDF blueprints and instructions for free, delivered directly to your inbox.

Supplemental build plan photos

To be paired with build plan PDF download (scrolling carousel of explanatory photo guides)

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