The Most Important Santa Reminder This Christmas

Santa is on the mind… but how do you know if you’re doing things right?…

Last year, the Mom Chat Monday community discussed Santa traditions live. The episode can be found on IGTV and also below on podcast for easy listening. Many moms opened up over their decision on where to “do” Santa Clause or not for their kids, and explained so many viewpoints that really help show you that no matter how you approach the holidays– you’re not alone!

Listen to Mom Chat Monday on Holiday Traditions and Santa Clause

Santa Reminder

The top “Mom Hack” concluding the episode from above was one that absolutely every mom agreed on: Santa should not be the primary gift giver.

Let’s dig in: If Santa brings one kid and iPad and one kid socks for Christmas, and it’s talked about at school… there is no way to justify a reason besides forcing a child to stop “believing”. Right?

Instead, give yourself credit as the best gift giver! Give the gifts you had on your list, but make them from you. Have Santa bring small, accessory type of gifts that aren’t big-ticket items.

Wrapping Paper Hack

Another tip for the Christmas season is to reuse packaging paper as wrapping paper! It saves you money, time, and is reusing a product versus throwing it out! Give your kids some markers and glitter and let them join in to help spice up the wrapping!

Do you have other Christmas tips and tricks that would help? Share them in the comments below!

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