The Sports Sideline Mom Fall Guide

Is it just me or is this the time of fall that we start to regret the sports and activities we signed our kids up for mid summer? It seemed like a good idea at the time, right?!

And every year, I do the same thing. Luckily with 4 kids and many years of sports, I’ve come up with a list of the top products and hacks from a mom of 4 to make life easier with kids during fall sports seasons sidelines!! I’ve rounded up my go-to sidelines outfit to last through cold mornings and hot afternoons while being comfy but still trying to look cute and some of the top staples that make life easier for our family through the sports season!

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I am loving these pieces from Nike this season. They are sporty, stylish and durable (think: they’ll last you more than one sports season!) Check out some of my favorite pieces below and lots of other options here!

Products that make a difference for the WHOLE family…

Number one on my list…a comfortable place to sit. This thing SAVES me from having to haul a pile of folding chairs for everyone in the family- It contracts all into one and is easy to haul and unfold to make 4 seats! (Some seat up to more!) I found this awesome chair on Amazon that fits my whole crew for under $80! If you don’t have as many kids, this would be great for grandparents that may come watch, or even just a bench to hold all the extra stuff that comes along with you on game day.

Number 2 (and 3!) on my list is definitely a big, cozy blanket (like the one in the picture above) AND a big ole blanket in the form of a JACKET for me! This blanket is great for game day because it’s super portable and packable, and also water resistant. You can throw it on the ground if you have a younger child that wants to play, or cover everyone up with it. It’s really versatile and great for travel too! The jacket is great for mom (or dad!) that needs to be hands free to tend to the children, but also needs a huge layer for that inevitable rain (or snow) storm! I keep it in my trunk for when we really need it, and I am *always* thankful that it’s there.

Another must have to keep in your car is this sports umbrella. If you live in a place like Wisconsin, you know that you can have pretty extreme weather and the sports will STILL continue. In fall we often see rain one minute and blazing hot sun the next. In spring it’s inevitable that there will be a random sleet or snow storm that moves through at least once. Enter: this 9ft umbrella that you can easily screw into the ground to keep everyone dry and happy!

If you’re stumbling through this sports season like me, hopefully sharing some of these tried and true hacks and products make it a little easier on you this year! Do you have a favorite product that’s made life easier while watching from the sidelines? Comment and let me know! I’d love to see it!

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