Kyla began blogging and content creation in 2014. Contributing to a growing number of blogs and publications, writing has been a calling of hers since she was little– writing her own short stories and manuscripts as a kid and growing in to her high school’s Center-spread Editor. Writing, design and photography has turned into a quickly growing self-made business born out of creative hobbies.

Kyla graduated from the University of Milwaukee in Wisconsin with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. She specializes in tailoring custom-fit solutions for maximum ROI for advertising dollars, and influencer marketing is her passion. As an influencer, she’s able to be a one-stop powerhouse who is the creative director, project manager, analyst, community organizer, model, photographer, editor, and marketing specialist who can deliver the best form of advertising content to her direct target audience of mothers in the USA (concentrated within the Midwest).

Didn’t want to hear all about business?

In other news, Kyla is a mom of four. Three boys and our surprise splash of pink to perfectly complete our family. She’s married to Alan, who is a financial advisor working with life insurance and annuities. We prefer to put family first and love to spend time as a family. Kyla’s usually a little messy, chaotic, and overwhelmed, and Alan is her polar opposite who is calm, cool, collected, and seems to just naturally figure things out. And then there is David, the oldest, followed by William, Arthur, and finally Ellie.

Arthur was born with a rare eye condition which you can read more about here.


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