Toddler Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

With November already into it’s first week, we are packing up the Halloween costumes and bringing out the Thanksgiving decorations. Its always tricky to find crafts for the younger-toddler age, where their coordination just isn’t there yet, but the interest is! We came up with a toddler-friendly and cute Thanksgiving craft that takes minimal supplies and minimal preparation. Plus, this craft takes a good amount of time for a toddler to complete! With little effort required, this craft is a great addition to your Thanksgiving festivities!
You’ll Need:
Construction Paper
Tissue Paper
Optional: googly eyes
Prepare with cutting a turkey head out of construction paper. Draw eyes and a beak, OR you can attach googly eyes and a yellow construction paper triangle beak. Set this portion aside.
Make the turkey body with another sheet of construction paper cut into a circle or cut a feather outline.
Cut or tear strips and pieces of tissue paper.
Next, apply glue to the body of the turkey, and let your toddler apply the tissue paper pieces however they like. The result depends on the colors your chose, but it can also be fun for older toddlers to experiment with color layering and combinations!
Finally, once the turkey body is full of “feathers”, glue the head on top of the body and let it dry.
Wah-lah! You have a turkey masterpiece!

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