Personalized Hot Wheels Carrier Tutorial

What can you give a car-loving kid, who already has so many hot wheels that his mom is pulling them out of her coffee?

A car organizer!

There are plenty of Hot Wheels carrier systems sold by Hot Wheels like this one, or this one, but none are personalized, and all seem overpriced, or holding a few flaws (like coming with MORE cars!). As a result, I came up with a homemade personalized car carrier at a fraction of the price!

You’ll Need:
Thread organizer
Hot Wheels sticker
Cricut Machine
Vinyl Cutting Material

I found this thread organizer on Amazon Prime, and ordered a Hot Wheels sticker along with it. You could make your own Hot Wheels logo or even leave it off; you can really make this however you like!

Once you log onto your Cricut design space, use the “Boys Will Be Boys’ font, as a single-cut layer, with the font filling up 8-9 inches of cutting space to make the name. Cut the vinyl, transfer onto the transfer tape, and apply directly to the thread organizer.

Apply the Hot Wheels logo with the Vinyl and you have your finished Personalized Hot Wheels Carrier! Wah-lah!

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