Firefighter Family Halloween Costume

Making matching family Halloween costumes is one of those trophies for toddler moms. We don’t get sleep, warm meals, or much silence, but our kids aren’t “too cool” to match their parents on Halloween yet!
Over planning in my natural fashion, I had plans for our entire family to be Ninja Turtles for the majority of the year. With our costumes already ready, my toddler completely lost interest in Ninja Turtles by August. Of course. Instead of going through and sticking with the theme, I sped-ordered a firefighter and dalmation option for each kid and provided the choice to our 2-year-old.
When he immediately chose the “puppy!” we had a costume ready for his brother to be the corresponding fire fighter (an adorable sweatsuit from Carter’s). I had a polka-dot shirt handy, and ordered some dog ears for myself and a firefighter baseball cap for my husband. We ended up all happy in our costumes, comfortable, and matching
I’m excited to see what happens next year..  What were you for Halloween?

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