Boy’s Triple Shared Bedroom for Three Kids

One shared bedroom for three kids can sound daunting, but good design and a lifetime of memories make it all worth it…

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One shared bedroom for three kids can sound daunting, but good design and a lifetime of memories make it all worth it…

Our kids didn’t always share a room. In fact, there was a point when each boy had their own bedroom let alone all three kids sharing one bedroom. But, it wasn’t long before our second-oldest started requesting to be with our oldest (and vice versa) and so when we moved into a new home, it made sense to bunk our two oldest together. It wasn’t much longer than that until our 3rd boy wanted to be with big brothers. Like all little brothers, he wanted to shadow his big brothers. Our kids are all bunked together in one bedroom by choice for now, but due to space and layout– this plan makes sense for our family.

There are a few most common questions that I get about having 3 kids in one bedroom:

At what age did your kids start sharing a room?

The youngest our kids have shared a bedroom with a sibling is around 3 years old, once they’re “big bed” trained and not at risk for falling out of bed or running around at 3 a.m. with a diaper off singing Baby Shark at the top of their lungs. (…Not that that’s ever happened.)

Before they’re room sharing, I try to have them out of the crib, sleeping through the night consistently, and capable of understanding basic rules and boundaries.

How do you get kids to go to sleep when sharing a room?

A great trick to help bedtime go smoother when kids share one bedroom is staggering bedtimes. Try to have the littlest sibling head to bed at 6:30, bring the next sibling to bed in 15-20 minutes and just do your bedtime story and routine in a different bedroom. Make a rule that the bedroom is a quiet zone and they only go to sleep in that room.

How do you handle privacy when kids share a room?

Privacy is important to everyone. A rule we established as soon as they shared a bedroom was that each of their beds was their own personal space that nobody else can touch without permission. Sure, the rule gets bent here and there, but overall it’s a respected and established boundary.
Another way to give each child the feeling of their own space in a shared room is by placing a shelf or basket in the space of their personal bed. Having a specific area to keep their personal items in a shared room keeps them feeling like their space is their space.

Do your kids like sharing a room?

Right now, the answers yes. At ages 8, 6, and 5 they request to share a room and it’s a punishment to be separated for fooling around. We fully expect there to be a larger need for space as they age into their teen years, though. That’s a bridge we’ll cross when we get there!

Boys Triple Shared Bunkbed Bedroom

Boys Triple Shared Bedroom Details

The details pulled together for the kid’s bedroom update. Each detail made the room feel like something that suits them at their current age, but will age flawlessly into the teen years and beyond. Specific features are learned from experience with a couple years of navigating our bedroom sharing situation. I’m excited to share the resources, inspiration, and DISCOUNT CODES with you below!

Links to Featured Shared Bedroom Products

Beddy’s Bedding

If you have a bunkbed and catch yourself needing to bend or climb to change bedding, Beddy’s is your answer. Find a more thorough review on my Instagram page under the highlight “Boys Bedroom” and use discount code KYLA for 20% off

Shared Bedroom Lamp

On sale at Target! This lamp has two shades with one stand, perfect for between two twin beds. Important to note that the knob adjusts the lights simultaneously.

Initial Pillows

On sale at Crate and Kids! My midwest-mom is really coming out here with all of the items on sale.

Triple Bunk Bed

This bunk bed can be difficult to find but is currently on sale at Zulily, one of my favorite retailers! The weight limit and build of this bunk bed is a part of why we chose it– this thing is sturdy and built to last. There is a full mattress on top and two twins on the bottom with an affixed middle nightstand and ladder. Weight limit is 250 lbs per bed.


I’m amazed by the quality considering it was a pandemic prime purchase off of Amazon! It worked out perfectly to give each kid two drawers– one for pants/shorts, and another for pajamas and underwear.

Having Three Kids Share One Bedroom is a lot of Fun

There might be times when bedtime might go a little late or a morning might start too early, but the memories and bonds we get to witness as parents make this idea to share a room all worthwhile. Late night giggles, a sense of respecting your and others space, learning to cohabit and conflict resolution… room sharing has more benefits than just a square footage footprint.

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