The Top 8 BEST Kid and Baby Pajamas

Here are the top eight very best pajamas for kids and babies that I’ve experienced after seven years and four babies…

The Top 8 BEST Kid and Baby Pajamas

Baby sleepers and kid pajamas… the hot topic as of recent. I was recently asked which my favorites were and I didn’t realize how opinionated I was on the matter until I sat down to think about it. After pondering, I knew I needed to share… and what better way than a classic throwback of a MySpace Top 8 in PJ form?!

Below you’ll find my top eight tried-and-true pajama brands that I’ve tested throughout the years and feel 100% confident in recommending. Spoiler alert: You might notice some ultra-popular brands not on the list. Scroll to the bottom to find out why.

1. Lark Adventurewear

A small shop owned by a mom, these pajamas are always the first both me and the kids reach for. Sizes newborn to kids’ 8, these are generously sized, form fitting but not too tight, and a soft bamboo that isn’t see-through thin. They hold up to washes, stay soft, don’t pill, and they zip to allow diaper changing without taking the entire onesie off.

Shop Lark Adventurewear here

2. ErgoPouch

These ErgoPouch pajamas have SO many neat features. Firstly, they’re rated by a TOG system, which was a relatively new concept to me and baby sleepers, but it is a genius concept. Other brands have also implemented this system for parents to better understand which clothing is best for the current temperature or season. Something that I haven’t seen from other brands though… ErgoPouch has multiple zippers that work upwards from the backside of the sleeper. You can ninja-change a diaper without even taking legs out! SAY WHAT! But that’s not all– these sleepers all convert to covered feet and hands or not. One simple flap makes these ultra-adjustable.

Overall, they offer a sturdy and durable cotton that I trust for changing climates. These are so thought out, they make my pajamas feel a little less intelligent. ErgoPouch makes baby sleepers, toddler pajamas, and sleep sacks.

Shop ErgoPouch Pajamas here


A true classic, and completely timeless with solid colors and patterns– I love for PJs. They offer sizes from newborn through upper kid sizes. is all about making kids clothing simple and they know what they’re doing. Lightweight, comfortable cotton with durable features.

Want the ultimate holiday pajama hack? Just shop solid green and red from Primary and mix and match. The PJs will last year round and won’t seem like a silly expense while still participating in a fun tradition.

Shop here

4. Hanna Andersson

This one is a tricky recommendation for me because I have larger babies than average. But, I feel like if you know how to shop Hanna Andersson, the durability and quality is definitely worth the struggle. As long as you remember to size-up and expect a little struggle with the sturdiness of the fabric and chubby babies, these things LAST. And not to brag, but they are always the first hand-me-downs to be requested from me.

They have adorable, timeless patterns and sizes for the entire family. Thick, sturdy cotton perfect for cooler temps.

Shop Hanna Andersson here

5. Bestaroo

A smaller brand that you might not of heard of yet, but you will. Bestaroo has lightweight bamboo fabric that is perfect for warmer seasons and sensitive skin. They offer sizes newborn- kid’s 5/6 and have a looser, yet snug fit (which is KEY). Most brands with this type of fabric feel delicious… but really don’t fit my babies who are all over the 60th percentile.

If you get nervous about zipping up those rolly thighs in more common lightweight bamboo pajama brands, Bestaroo will blow your mind.

Shop Bestaroo Pajamas here

6. Sleep On It

It was a happy coincidence that we found this brand. My husband was shopping for the next size up for the baby while out at Nordstrom Rack after her growth snuck up on us. He brought home a pair because it was cute and I quickly went online and bought EVERY SINGLE PAIR. (Good thing he doesn’t read my blog right now). I’ve seen only limited sizes, but they are a very thin lightweight cotton that is stretchy and so cozy. They come paired with matching socks in the most adorable way– if you see these in store, snatch them up.

Try to find Sleep On It pajamas here

7. Gap

Another classic find that can’t go without mention is Gap. These pajamas are durable, thick, and they last. They are generously sized and a continual favorite throughout each age range. Hand flap covers are on the smaller baby sizes which is convenient to prevent scratching and cold fingers. There are often discount codes running, and while a pricier option for a big brand store, they are my ultimate choice if shopping those larger brands.

Shop Gap PJs here

8. Carter’s

Last but not least, Carter’s makes the cut because it is affordable, cute, and the double zipper design considers easy diaper changes. Hand pockets cover younger sizes to prevent scratches and keep hands warm. The size is generous and while they could be more durable, they always last at least one baby. Carter’s has sizes for babies and kids and often runs amazing sales.

What Didn’t Make The List?

Cat and Jack: Target’s Cat and Jack brand has so much potential for baby sleepers, but why are they deciding that any size above 9 months doesn’t need a double zip sleeper anymore? While the sizing and prints are great, they just never seem to hold up to wear.

Old Navy: Sister-brand to Gap, these pajamas are smaller, thinner, and never seem to hold up to washes. The prints are cute and the price is great, but it’s a one-season stop for us when shopping here.

Kyte Baby and Kickee Pants: The ultimate shocker, I’m sure. These brands are luxury and feel like butter, but they’ve never correctly fit my roly babes and instead always appear long and lean. The fabric seems to pill after too many washes (which is also user error because I throw them all in together #aintnobodygottimeforthat). For the price, these are a pass for me.

Honorable Mention

Our top favorite wearable blanket and swaddle transition deserves a mention. Sleeping Baby makes an amazing swaddle transition wearable blanket called the Zipadeezip and comes in lightweight, normal, and fleece options to keep a blanket layer over babies and toddlers. It keeps hands covered and has been my top favorite baby sleep product to help transition out of the swaddle phase.

Shop Sleeping Baby Products here

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