What’s New at Hy-Vee: September 2021

I was recently sent a box from Hy-Vee to explore some new, exclusive products that are available this September, and I tested them out LIVE and scored them…

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What’s New at Hy-Vee this September

I was recently sent a box from Hy-Vee to explore some new, exclusive products that are available this September. I tested them out on camera and scored them based on a scale of 1-4. It was a lot of fun to try out new products that I might not have considered before, so I thought it would be fun to share the results.

I’ll go through each of the products below, and you can watch the entire film at the bottom of this blog post. Hy-Vee does a great job at providing access to exclusive brands that are owned by small businesses, and my family loves to explore what we can find there!

1. Cheetos Bag O’ Bones

I wasn’t expecting to see the Cheetos brand with a non-cheesy snack. These Cheetos Bag O’ Bones were cinnamon flavored, kind of like a churro! I could see them being a perfect hand-out or themed snack for the upcoming Halloween festivities. Overall, they weren’t totally my taste, but I’m sure my kids would love them!

Rating: 2/4

2. Cheez-It Snap’d Cheddar Sour Cream and Onion

I dove right into trying out the Cheez-It Snap’d Cheddar sour cream and onion flavor. I usually love sour cream and onion anything living in the midwest, and these did NOT disappoint! I plan on adding these to our family grocery list for a snack more than once now. I’m so glad I tried these!

Rating: 4/4

3. Big Moe Cason I-80 BBQ sauce

We’ve actually used Big Moe Cason products before in our house, so I was really excited to see this in the box. This is one of those super-small brands that you just can’t find anywhere else, but it’s so good that you NEED to! My husband’s favorite rub for ribs is the Big Moe Cason Pork Rub– there’s no doubt that the I-80 BBQ Sauce will deliver!

Rating: 4/4

4. Margherita Salami

These salami packs are so handy for school lunches. One of the kid’s favorite cold lunch options is sliced cheese, salami, and crackers. These are already sliced and ready to grab, so you don’t have to fiddle with slicing a big summer sausage up. They had a classic flavor that was great!

Rating: 3/4

5. Coke Zero Sugar

I’m not going to lie, I’m truly a Pepsi over Coke fan. I just usually am not really excited about Coke. That being said, I also rarely drink zero sugar products too, and I wasn’t sure what to expect with this taste test. Overall, I was really impressed! It had a pleasant taste and definitely did not taste like zero sugar- I would definitely buy this again!

Rating: 3/4

I had a lot of fun trying out these new September products from Hy-Vee. Watch the entire video below, and let me know if you try any of these!


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