Baby Girl Classic Pink Princess Nursery Reveal

We refreshed Ellie’s nursery into a classic pink princess bedroom perfect for a little baby girl! Here is the big reveal…

After having three boys, we couldn’t believe that we were finally painting a room pink while waiting on Ellie’s arrival. It might be trendy to embrace neutrals and whites and tans, but we have been craving that final splash of pink for our family. We chose traditional and classic baby girl nursery finishes that perfectly capture Ellie’s sweet and endearing personality.

Combine Old and New

With Ellie being our fourth baby, there was just no way we could justify buying all new items for her. What started as a budget conscious decision turned into a finished detail that brings a bit of whimsy into her nursery design. We had an old, rustic shelf that fit perfectly behind her rocker to hold her monitor and piggy bank. The hooks and detail on it made it easy to decorate with a hung up pink tutu and really nail the Swan Princess subtle theme we wanted to achieve.

We also had a friend with a gently used crib that we bought secondhand. Regardless of the number of children, babies can get expensive with all of their furniture and short-term needs. A classic white crib was an easy choice to buy secondhand and nobody would know the difference! It’s difficult to justify all of the large purchases.

One thing that we bought new and was worth every penny: the glider. You don’t know the need for a quality and comfortable rocker glider until you need it at 3 am with a stuffy-nosed baby and then it’s too late. I’ve learned my lesson and we invested in a great rocker with a high back that would support my head if I needed to doze off while nursing or rocking.

Another new item that we love is her Newton Baby mattress. I wouldn’t recommend buying a mattress used. The Newton Baby Mattresses are completely washable and breathable! They’re an investment, but well worth it.

Mixing old and new items not only can save you in the budget, but it brings personality and practicality into the room. These things won’t be useful in a year or two, so shelling out top dollar for everything felt excessive.

It’s All In The Details

I had a vision for a swan princess theme, but not in the themed bedding and obvious sense. The little details of the nursery all pulled together to give a subtle nod to a classic pink princess vibe without being overly “in-your-face” about it. We chose wall decals that were not only easy to apply but blended seamlessly to give a wallpaper effect that I absolutely love. The decals tie into the pale pink existing color of the walls. We purchased a castle piggy bank for her savings and put it on display on a shelf.

The shelf details with the castle piggy bank, tutu hanging, and swan walls form a cohesive theme together. Choosing safe details like one wall color with decals that could be easily changed and swapped makes future changes easier if she decides she wants to achieve a different look in her room as she ages.

The final details of the Rifle Paper Co rug along with a layered fur rug from Target and a big, brass circular mirror above the bed make each choice feel intentional and so dainty. I like to think that we modernized and toned down the traditional baby girl’s nursery room in a classic feel that would remain timeless.

The Choices We Made

The specific products we chose and used are linked from the graphic below:

Not pictured in graphic: Baby Monitor, Mesh Crib Bumper

  1. Glider and Ottoman
  2. Purple Pom Throw
  3. Gold Circle Mirror
  4. Breathable Baby Mattress (Use code KYLA for $50 off!)
  5. Swan Wall Decals
  6. Faux Fur Rug
  7. Rifle Paper Co Area Rug
  8. Castle Piggy Bank

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