Weekend Project: Powder Room Refresh Makeover

Weekend Bathroom Refresh

We did it! We finally did it! Or more like after a full year of a half-covered wall of wallpaper from my efforts, Alan decided that our bathroom deserved to be fixed from my fixing attempts… oops!

Our house has a traditional kind of architecture to it, and we wanted to pull in the brass/gold trend without trying to feel “too modern”- and I think it turned out perfect!

It started with debating on paint colors. We needed to cover the walls and get rid of that purple, but we also wanted to paint the cabinet… which was a first for us!

For the walls, we chose white on the bottom and Agreeable Gray on the top (our favorite Gray paint for walls- our entire basement is this color!) and then we went with a dark, muted green for the cabinet: Alpine Trail.

To paint the cabinet, Alan took apart the doors and sanded down everything. He then primed it, let it dry, and covered it in cabinet specific paint from the hardware store in Alpine Trail green. The paint was self-leveling and took two coats, but overall we were surprised how easy this was! We’ve been avoiding painting cabinets for YEARS assuming it was too difficult for us to handle.

On the walls, Alan did framework to give us wainscoting. He purchased different trim pieces from Home Depot and went to work. I wish I could dive more in on these details, but honestly he’s the one doing the work and I’m the one watching from afar! It involved a lot of measuring, and I know he makes trim work look much easier than it likely is.

Once the paint was dry, it was onto the finishes. The gold finishes paired perfectly with the deep, dark green. Alan then found the best complimentary art to pull in the gold from the mirror and it all came together so well!

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