4th Time Mom Hospital Bag Checklist: Products that WORK!

 JuJuBe BFF Diaper Bag

As a 4th time mom, I’ve tried a handful of diaper bags. Time and time again, JuJuBe has been my top choice for the thought out organization and ease of use plus durability. The bags are adorable and I’ve had MULTIPLE styles and colors from them. For this baby, I’ve chosen the BFF which can be worn as a messenger bag OR a backpack, fully unzips, and now comes in this adorable Blush tone.

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Belly Bandit: I get my belly-binder from the hospital, but having a product like the Belly Bandit can make a huge difference in your recovery if you have a sensitive stomach. Without the Belly Bandit, I struggle with nausea and worse nursing cramps.

Swaddle-Me: Easy swaddles have been a game changer with my kids! We didn’t know about them at first with my oldest, but quickly found our first Halo Sleepsack Swaddle. Being able to get a tight swaddle is essential!

Swaddle Blankets: Versatile for swaddling, burping, or a nursing cover, I like to bring a couple swaddle blankets too.

Blanqi Leggings: Postpartum leggings. Not maternity but not normal sized, these compress your abdomen in and help the Belly Bandit in making your stomach feel secure.

Nursing Tanks: I bring 3 because they’re bound to get dirty! Once you find a fit and style you like, buy all the colors- they’re a staple for postpartum.

Comfy Socks: They help. 🙂

Long phone charger: This was given to me as advice and is SO smart! My hospital has plugs right next to the bed but it’s handy to plan ahead and even have it on hand for dad.

Scrunchies: Or something to tie your hair back!

Hair brush: It’s amazing how much of an impact there is when you forget this one…

Chap Stick: Hospitals can be dry and chap stick can make you ten times more comfortable.

Frida Bidet: I have yet to test this, but I’ve heard enough rave reviews where I purchased one this go-around.

Frida Postpartum Kit: All of the goodies from the hospital that you can have at home! I was SO impressed when going through this kit and how thought out each product was. It would make a great baby shower gift.

Baby Shusher: White noise to muffle the constant nurse checks and help baby sleep! This one is ultra-portable.

Itzy Ritzy 3 in 1 cover: Nursing cover that works as a baby carrier cover, too!

Promptly journals: Baby book and journal to chronicle your delivery.

Emily Ley Simplified Baby Tracker: A handy and cute organized notepad to track diapers and feedings.

Posh Peanut Matching Robe and Swaddle: For photos, obviously!

Boppy Pillow: To help with nursing position, use as a neck pillow, or anything at all. It’s handy and keeps you from slouching over during marathon nursing sessions.

Nipple Cream: You’ll need some. Trust me.

Nursing Pads: Handy to have if you might have an over supply. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than a soaked shirt.

Haaka: Another highly recommended tool that I have yet to try- I’ll have to report back and see if it lives up to the rave!

Pacifiers: I bring a variety of different brands and shapes and immediately introduce the pacifier in the hospital. I know that many lactation consultants and moms or nurses advise against this, but between having a kid refuse the pacifier and dealing with cluster feeding and an oversupply, I’m in camp Bring-The-Pacifier.

Silverette: These are supposedly great to help heal hurt nipples while breastfeeding with antimicrobial properties. We’ll see!

Going Home Outfit: For you and for baby.

Announcement Outfit/Sign: To send to friends and family! Bonus points for a name tag or letter board.

Comfy blanket/pillow: Don’t count on your hospital being overly comfortable. Bring the comfort items if you need them.

Expecting and Empowered Postpartum Workout: With a Day 1 postpartum day focused on breathing, my postpartum fitness journey is going to start IN the hospital!


Am I forgetting anything? Let me know in the comments below what staples you’ve come to love for your hospital stay!

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