Art Themed Birthday Party

My oldest absolutely loves arts and crafts. He’s the kind of personality that can sit down at the table and truly enjoy completing a project and admiring what he made– something I know to really appreciate after seeing my other boys’ personalities! For his third birthday party, I wanted to do something low-key that he would enjoy. Enter: The Art Party!
Decorating for the party was so easy– I went with anything colorful and it all tied together seamlessly. I really love how this party turned out!

For activities, we rolled out a giant roll of white paper and each toddler had an apron with their names written on it with black puffy paint (so cute!). Each person got a little paint pallet with paints and a paintbrush, leaving all of the toddlers thrilled and busy for the majority of the party.

The favors were the same fabric as the apron, labelled with the same puffy paint to match. Inside of their bags were little coloring books, a pack of crayons, and a mini watercolor paint pallet so that they can bring their creativity home!
The birthday cake stole the show decorated as a paint pallet. I always go to my favorite bakery near the Madison area, Rolling Pin Bake Shop. I throw Pinterest pictures at them and they make magic happen– I wish that I could make cakes like these (or as delicious as these), but I honestly make the worst cakes, ever. So I leave that to the professionals.
However, I DID try to make some cute desserts for the Art Party. I made these paintbrush rice krispies which surprisingly turned out okay– they weren’t super easy to manage. If you want to know how these were made:

Paint Brush Rice Krispies

You’ll Need
Rice Krispies
Melting Candy
Popsicle Sticks
1. Melt the first color that you wish to use in the microwave by following the package directions (either in a bowl or a melting tray)
DO NOT DIP THE RICE KRISPIE INTO THE MIXTURE (it falls apart and crumbles and doesn’t look like how you’d expect– just don’t do it. Learn from me.)
2. Using a knife, spatula, spoon, finger– cover one end of the rice krispie with the melted candy and shape it to look like dripping paint.
3. Let it dry on it’s side and flip to complete the other side. (I tried drying them upright in a cake pop stand and the rice kripsies were too soft and started bending and flopping and breaking. Don’t do that, either.)
It sounds easy enough, but really, it wasn’t. If you know of a better way– please share it with me! 

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