Baptism Celebration At Home

My youngest son recently received his Baptism and while we knew we wanted to serve dinner and cake for all of our family traveling to join us, we really didn’t want to keep our crazy babies up late in a restaurant’s banquet area after the late Saturday mass. So with a little effort and thinking, we threw together a nice celebration right at home!
With a combination of homemade and store bought, we kept the food pretty and light, with the best cake in town, and all white party decorations kept everything uniform and pulled together. I loved how it ended up all coming together!
In the spirit of real-life disclosure, this party ended up looking way better than I ever imagined it would, and it was a crazy crazy week where our toddler caught Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, shared it with my husband, who then warned all of our guests, so our total party attendance included us, the godparents, and one set of grandparents. That disease is no joke, if you end up catching it as an adult, my husband was miserable! But now it’s water under the bridge and a funny story for the baby scrapbook, and all of our extra food was carried over to our Fourth of July party two days later.

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