The Best Family Presents that Ship in Time for Christmas!

Staple toys that my family loves and enjoys that will arrive before Christmas at a deep discount just for you…

Everyone is talking about shipping delays and no great sales this year, but I have found a TON of our favorites marked way down on Zulily! I sorted through ALL the toys and ads and made sure to find only presents that would ship in time for Christmas. Bonus on top of the discounts already listed: You can get an additional 10% off with code DTI10NOVWEEK4

These links are affiliate links meaning that they provide me with a small commission at now additional cost or penalty to you– just a way to thank me for sifting through these for you.

1. Kid’s Toys

These toys all arrive before Christmas and would not only be exciting to unwrap and play with… but these toys will last far beyond that first week of novelty! We are constantly bringing out our magnetic tiles (perfect for ANY age!) and each kid .really loves having their own special art set.

Shop Christmas Toys on Sale here:

2. Stocking Stuffers (and matching stockings!)

Personalized stockings are so much fun! These are our exact stockings for the kids and I couldn’t believe how affordable they were! We have all of these toys above which would work perfectly as a stocking stuffer. The bugs are a particular fav.

Shop stockings that can be personalized and still arrive before Christmas here:

Shop and browse some great stocking stuffer ideas here:

3. Lego Sets

With a family of boys, Lego sets are a constant over here. Lego RARELY goes on sale and can be hard to find around the holidays. Zulily has a great selection right now that ship fast! Browse available Lego sets on sale here:

4. The BIG present (that will make everyone happy)

I cannot believe these are actually on sale!! The FORT building set is similar to the ever-popular Nugget, but has MAGNETIC corners to allow for a more secure build! The fabric is more wipeable and the configurations are more plentiful. This present would be an amazing present if you have multiple kids or were eyeing a Nugget. Not only is it a Nugget Dupe… I’d dare say it’s a step up. Get your FORT for $100 off before Christmas here:

5. Ride-On Cars

I’ve heard countless moms rave about these things now. Meant for younger kids, these cars are affordable but would provide that big WOW factor under the tree! Extra bonus points if you have an unfinished basement to let them burn off that winter energy in! Grab ride-on cars here:

6. Something for Mom

I’ve been eyeing up an Apple Watch this year, and if you’re like me and haven’t jumped on that bandwagon yet– this is by FAR the best deal I’ve seen out there! Grab an Apple Watch series 3 in time for Christmas here:

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