3 Simple Kid Friendly Classic Christmas Treats

Here are 3 Simple Kid-Friendly Classic Christmas Treats that take only 3 ingredients each for this Holiday season…

Chocolate Peanut Clusters

How to make:

Stir honey roasted peanuts into melted semi-sweet, milk, or dark chocolate

Spoon them onto wax paper and let them cool

Christmas Ritz Crackers

How to make:

Spread peanut butter in between two Ritz crackers and sandwich them together

Dip the sandwiches in melted white, milk, or dark chocolate and top with sprinkles or drizzle

Pretzel Rolo Treats

How to make:

Melt Rolos on top of a twisted or window pretzel for a few minutes in the oven just until melty

Remove from oven and then press an M&M or pecan half on top and push it into the melted Rolos

Package all three of them up and give them to neighbors to the perfect holiday treat!

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