Celebrate Friday Family Fish Fry at Home with a Simple Recipe!

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We’ve been trying to stay in more lately and eat as a family. The hardest part of staying in has got to be missing out on all of the amazing Wisconsin Friday Fish Fry’s. If you didn’t know, Wisconsin feels pretty strongly about a quality Friday Fish Fry! There are countless options for an incredible fish fry between traditional supper clubs, bars, pubs, and family restaurants.. and I was hesitant to try it at home. (Nobody wants to mess up fish) But I’ve found the *perfect* at home recipe to recreate the very best Wisconsin Friday Fish Fry suited perfectly for the family dinner table. This recipe comfortably serves 4-5, involved using my air fryer, and the Beer Battered Gorton’s Fish Fillets come out better than restaurant quality- flaky, delicious, and healthier than your usual pub fish.


1 bag of Beer Battered Gorton’s Fish Fillets (10 fillets/ 2 per person)
1 bag of frozen, seasoned waffle fries
1 bag of lettuce slaw
1 bottle of cole slaw dressing
5 ct. dinner yeast rolls


Place fish fillets in air fryer and set the setting to 390 for 20 minutes. At the same time, cook the waffle fries in the oven or convection according to package directions.
Once those have started, gather your cole slaw ingredients and invite the kids to help with the mixing. Dump the bag of lettuce in the bowl (or let a helper do this) and mix while adding the dressing until you reach the desired consistency of your slaw. My boys were able to teamwork this part and had a lot of fun contributing to the family meal. Once the slaw is complete, put it into the fridge to cool.
Your timer should be about halfway done at this point, and you can flip the fish fillets to achieve optimal crispiness. (Key part!) And then place your dinner yeast rolls on a cookie sheet. Spread butter on the top of each roll, and put it into the oven with the fries for the remainder of the time.
Once your timers go off- everything will be ready together! Plate your food in some cute Friday Fish Fry baskets and let the family enjoy this fun and easy dinner.

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