5 Toddler Friendly Grab-and-Go Snack Ideas

Disclosure: This post is paid for by Crystal Farms but all ideas and opinions are of my own


We’re always out and about as a family. With three boys, it’s almost impossible to be staying still– especially over a snack or mealtime. Hiking is one of our favorite things to do together as a family, but finding healthy toddler-friendly snacks can be tricky when you’re on the go. After a few years of trial and error, I discovered 5 easy steps to creating a balanced and travel-friendly snacktime! We like to create a combination of snacks to hit all the checkmarks with fruit, dairy, veggies, carbs, and something a little sweet. 

1. Apples 

We like to always pack a grabbable fruit like apples, those small manadrin oranges, or a banana. When we bring a single-serve type fruit that’s easy to grab, the kids are more likely to eat healthy out of convenience! Apples can be challenging for younger toddlers, but bananas are always safe and one of our other favorites to bring along on a journey.

2. Crystal Farms Nibblers or Little Nibblers 

It’s important to have dairy and protein to keep us going while out hiking, and our kids love the Crystal Farms Little Nibblers. They come in single serve packs which make them easy to transport and dole out to each kid. They’re also great for throwing into lunchboxes or bringing along to restaurants as a pre-dinner snack (because toddlers!).

3. Pretzels 

Pretzels are a safe bet to keep us full and happy. My kids are perpetual snackers and if there’s not a carbohydrate, they won’t ever stop! We usually go with the traditional pretzel packs, but it can be fun to see the different shapes and styles- plus pretzels go great with our Little Nibblers!


4. Baby Carrots 

Our favorite grab-and-go veggies are baby carrots. They come in small packs, are easy to pack along, and are small enough for a toddler to chew on without stress. And when we include a vegetable in a snack, our kids sometimes might accidentally eat one or two. (kidding!)


5. Raisins 

My whole family has a giant sweet tooth, so I love to include a little snack-dessert of something sweet. We throw in tiny boxes of raisins to round off our balanced snack, and we’re left feeling energized, full, and satisfied! 



Having a snack easily accessible keeps us from making a pit stop at a fast food restaurant or convenience store which helps our family stay healthy and strong. It’s even easier when you keep your pantry and fridge fully stocked with these staples so that you can just toss them in your bag on your way out of the door. Plus with these snacks needing zero preparation, they’re great around the house just as much as they are on-the-go!


What are your favorite snack solutions?

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