Our Big Announcement!

Much to many friends and followers surprise, we have a VERY special announcement!

We’re expecting!

We are awaiting our third baby to arrive sometime in July 2017 and are so excited!
My two boys are only 17 months apart, and the age gap is a dream. Complicated at first, now they are into the same toys, favorites, foods, clothes, everything. A built in best friend! Our third will be around 20+ months from our second, hopefully sharing all of the same close-in-age benefits, too.
Although I hesitated on my desire for a third (like this post here), after a pregnancy scare, we realized that we really had more room in our hearts for another. So with a scare turned into a sign, we are now either in for a crazy gang of boys or a little princess- only time will tell! I may or may not be putting this gender prediction kit on my list for Santa! 😉

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